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Problems and Solutions
The Solution to the World Energy Crisis

    Never again lower your thermostat to save on heating bills.

    Many people find the rising cost of heating a burden. Too many struggle to pay heating bills nearly the size of their mortgage payment! Or they keep lowering the thermostat, putting themselves at risk.

    Stay toasty warm AND save money with the Reiker ceiling fan space heater!

    Thanks to the Reiker ceiling fan and space heater's high efficiency and low cost of operation, if you've got electricity you needn't be cold again. This ceiling fan room heater produces an evenly heated, comfortably warm room for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional heating systems.

    Ideal for home, office, condo or mobile home: locate a Reiker ceiling fan electric space heater dealer near you now.

    Revolutionary home and room heater puts an end to the heating crisis.

    The Reiker ceiling fan and electric space heater was developed in conjunction with our work with experts at the United States Energy Department. This home and room heater puts an end to the home heating crisis.

    How it works: an amazing improvement in heating efficiency.

    Current home and room heater systems are inefficient. Traditional heating methods cause hot and cold spots and allow heat to rise to the ceiling where it is wasted, and ductwork is as much as 50% inefficient.

    The Reiker ceiling fan and space heater produces heat, then gently pushes the warm air down, continuously recirculating it for even temperatures throughout the room. And the Reiker ceiling fan room heater is remote control operated - just a touch of a button delivers your desired temperature. Plus, you get the bonus of a cooling ceiling fan in the summer! Order your Reiker ceiling fan with heater now.

    Heat your entire home or office for less: Install a remote control ceiling fan with heater in every room.

    Install a Reiker ceiling fan, with efficient electric space heater, in every room and watch your heating and cooling costs drop to rock bottom, making comfort affordable!

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